Mogan Beamer: Separate binary for beamer editing

Audios and videos are needed in presentations and webpages, but a typical document does not need multimedia support. Is it possible to provide a separate binary optimized for presentation built with multimedia support?

@xuyiqi1: Audios and videos are indispensable for websites. They should also be considered for this situation since TeXmacs can export HTML files.

I think this kind of functionality could indeed greatly attract more people to TeXmacs.

As you suggest, this feature could be used also for html articles, blog post, doc, etc …
One can also think of integrated widgets to enhance the interactivity with the contents like for examples: quarto interactive doc or shinylive quarto-ext.

Do you have specifics reasons to suggest a separate binary ?


Yes. It is possible and necessary.

Why would a separate binary be necessary for this?

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A good question. Because, two products (Mogan, Mogan Beamer) can attract more users.

Just like Libreoffice: