Mogan Editor v1.1.3 released

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Dear Darcy,

thanks for the on-going work on the Mogan Editor. Unfortunately, v1.1.3 doesn’t run on macOS 10.15.7 any longer and seems to require macOS 11.7 or newer.

So I wonder if

  • there is a available that runs on 10.15.7?

  • the sources can be compiled using the tools/libraries an up-to-date MacPorts environment provides, or is it mandatory to install Homebrew?

  • mogan compiles out of the box or is any wizardry required?

Cheers, Tilda

I do not know how to cross compile for old macOS yet. For now, you can package Mogan Editor by yourself.

You need to install the dependencies and then:


Github Action dropped support of macOS 10.x, that’s why Mogan Editor 1.1.3 requires macOS 11.x.

I’m not sure that OS support is related to which version the compiled application can work on. One has to tell the compiler to allow for older versions of the OS.

See e.g. :

TCLiuu who is now a member of the XmacsLabs had tried but failed.

I marked the Github Issue as Help Wanted. Hope someone can help us improve it.

Currently, I’m busy working on Mogan Editor 1.2.x. And in July, I plan to release Mogan Editor 1.1.4. Mogan Editor 1.1.4 might be the last 1.1.x, it will focus on bug fixes.

The roadmap of Mogan Editor 1.2.x will be posted on the forum soon.

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It turns out that the plugin issues is caused by getenv, just made 4 pull requests to fix it in branch-1.2:

Will backfort the fix to branch-1.1 and make a release: Mogan Editor v1.1.4 rc1.

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I’ve put a warning here:

For Mogan Editor v1.1.3 users on Windows, please use Mogan Editor v1.1.4 rc1, we will release Mogan Editor v1.1.4 in early July.