Mogan Research v1.2.5 LTS released

v1.2.5.1 will be released around 2024/03/31. Please report bugs to, we need your help to make the Mogan Research v1.2.5 LTS better especially for education purpose.

Qt 5 support is still reserved in v1.2.5.x. It is reserved for old Linux distributions, macOS, and Windows 7. It should not be hard to build it on those outdated Operating systems.

Qt 5 support will be dropped in v1.2.6, and we are working on the plugin system and plugin center, hopefully, a chatgpt plugin will be available in the near future.


Sorry if this is not the place to comment.
Since Mogan 1.2.x. The list of operative plugins has been reduced.
Python and latex based as dratex, xypic and graphviz or asymptote are not operative anymore.
Neither gnuplot
Btw R plugin is still pending. (unfortunately I havent been able to use the jupyter based alternative)
I understood from a previous message that a new mechanism was to be introduced to install plugins and operate sessions.

Are there any news about this?

Regards and thanks a lot

No news yet. I’m busy working on the SICP open course. And try to let more people know Mogan Research and GNU TeXmacs.

I have been working on Mogan Research for 6 months without any income. Focusing on the kernel but not the plugins is the best policy for me. And I’m trying to find a way to make a living. I think a chatgpt plugin for paid users might be a good direction.

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What change makes plugins incompatible? It might be better to keep track of so that the code exchange between TeXmacs and Mogan would be easier.

Do you accept donations, as for TeXmacs?

Yes, I received 60rmb donations from the Mogan users in China. Currently, I’m not accepting donation on Github. I’m accepting donation on Gitee. The donations even can not cover the expense of this forum.

If someone are willing to give donations to me, they can contact me via da AT To be honest, I prefer to sell Mogan or GNU TeXmacs related products (eg. plugins).

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It would be better to donate on a platform such as Liberapay, which allows donations in dollar and euro, say.

Mogan is better than TeXmacs in some aspects (e.g. better Qt support), and there might be global donations as well, if such a platform is set up.

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