Mogan/TeXmacs on Hacker News... can you answer their questions?


I think that for we need @darcy
(I am not on my computer and trust that the linked question is sensible)

I just tried it. It feels snappy but there seem to be some issues. The font rendering is quite bad:

This is both on Firefox and Edge (under windows). Should we file these issues under the github repo?

Yes. Welcome to create issues. We just make it compile. There is only one pull request for WASM in Mogan Editor now:

Could you change the title show that it is the first commit? We are not ready to make it public outside the forum and create the impression that it is unstable!

An alternative way to emphasize the current status is to reply this thread:

Maybe a moderator could change the title upon request.

Currently the title is: “Try TeXmacs in your Browser via WebAssembly (Mogan Fork of TeXmacs)”

What do you think it should be changed to?

P.S. I don’t think many people would expect something running on WebAssembly to be stable, especially if it is just an easy way to try something as the post title seems to imply.

I’d love to see a fully functional WebAssembly port! Just imagine, this combined with a TeXmacs server for collaboration could be ten times better than bloody Overleaf.

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I’m also quite interested in this. My plans are to make TeXmacs independent of Qt (which add a lot of bloat without any real advantage on the browser) and add a layer to talk with the browser so that one can read/write files and also maybe talk to external programs. Joris also seems interested in pursuing the webasm port. So now the only missing thing is time :slight_smile: