Named label/reference

I wonder how to do properly the following task: I want to announce a theorem in the introduction, named after Theorem A and I want to refer to it. \label and \ref will offer the links, but by default \ref only accepts numbered environments.

The way I imagine is that, I create a new environment namedtheorem, which accepts an argument like A, where I put a namedlabel, and then I write a command namedref, which will give me A for the namedlabel.

I don’t know how to do that properly.

Another way to do this is a bit uglier: do we have any method to generate a reference without the referencing number? It looks like (reference* "Lemma A" "lem:a"), similar to hlink, except that the second argument is a label instead of a URL, similar to the LaTeX command \hyperref[label]{text}:

text is made into a link to the same place as \ref{label} would be linked

Ah, \hlink supports this: <hlink|same document|#there>

So the solution is: use \render-theorem to generate a unnumbered theorem (create a theorem, then click T in the focus bar), then use \hlink to do the referring.