[NEWS] My Development in 2019 on GNU TeXmacs (sadhen)

The Unified Graph plugins

For now(2019/06/02), the Unified Graph plugin is on a maintaining status.

I will fix bugs and replace the existing legacy plugins on top of the unified Graph plugin framework.

Written in Python, the unified Graph plugin is friendly for Windows.

Version Control Utilities

In the next few weeks, I will spend most of my time to improve the Version Control Utilities.

Currently, I am working on Git and SVN.

Typesetting for Chinese

This is a big topic and there are plenty of code to write.

I will focus on this two problem:

Upgrading to Guile 2.x

Bug Fixes

  • Review Pull Requests on Github
  • Fix the trivial bugs I found when using GNU TeXmacs

It would be great if these CJK font issues could be fixed too:

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