OSPP 2024 Stage 4: Project Application Review

06/19-06/25 Committee Review and sign a community cooperation agreement

Just wait.

06/12-06/18 Community Review and submit community cooperation agreement

  • Actions:
    • @darcy Approved the 4 applications and sign the agreement for the community supported projects

2024/06/05~2024/06/11: Mentors Review

  • Deadline: 2024/06/11 (We’d better complete it before 2024/06/10)
  • Actions:
Status Mentor Number Applications
DONE @darcy 2
DONE @Oyyko 1
DONE @jingkaimori 1
DONE @mgubi 1

We must rank it no matter the number of the candidates (applications)

During the mentor review phase, mentors should prioritize the selection order of all project applications. Before the mentor review deadline on June 11th, mentors can readjust the selection priority order within the system.

Here is the Review Guide:

Browse the PDF and scroll down, you will find the English one.

I’ve ranked the two applications:

I’ve also ranked the OpenType Math font applications:

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