OSPP SoC Stage 8: Evaluations –PR/MR Merge and Mentor Final Term Review

  • Time Period: 2023/10/01 ~ 2023/10/31
  • Two Mentors: @darcy @mgubi

For Two Mentors

We’d better complete it as early as possible. I think complete it before 2023/10/15 would be a good idea. If for some reason, we (as mentors) forgot to complete the review, the students will fail to complete the OSPP SoC project. Both of the two students have worked very hard and have done a good job!

For Two Students

Students still needs to improve their completed pull requents and finally port their work to GNU TeXmacs.

I’ve completed my review.

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We’d done all our work now. Let us wait for OSPP Committee’s review from 2023/11/01 ~ 2023/11/08.

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Just received the email, I have to send the email to revise my mentor’s comments.

How about you? @mgubi

Dear Mentor,

The Mentor Review will end on October 31. Please follow the final review criteria to review the student’s project outcomes, final project report, and PR/MR links. Please fill in the mentor’s comments according to the Mentor Guide(https://summer-ospp.ac.cn/help/en/mentor/)—Template of Review Results and submit the result of the final review in the system before October 31, 23:59(UTC+8). Mentors who have not filled out the comments according to the template are required to contact the committee for resubmission. Please send the revised mentor comments to the committee’s email address. For any other issues, please contact the committee at org@summer-ospp.ac.cn. Thank you so much!

【Template of Review Results】

Reviewed by

  • Review Content: * Final Project Report *

  • Submitted by:* Student’s Name *

Review Result

  • PR Merge: * Whether the code contributed by the student was submitted and merged into the community repository in PR form within the required time*

  • Project Completion: * Evaluate whether the student implemented the project as intended and how well it was completed*

  • Student Participation: * Evaluate whether the student actively participated in the project development*

  • Code Contribution: * Evaluate the amount of code contributed by students to this project*

  • Overall Evaluation and Recommendations: * Summarizing and giving suggestions *

  • Final Evaluation Result: “Pass” or “Fail” (“Fail” means that the project is terminated and the student will not receive the bonus)

OSPP Committee

I followed the pattern in my final review.

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It is quite unoptimal since we have only 1000 char and many of them are wasted by the template.

What did you put in :

  • Review Content: * Final Project Report *


I didn’t know the template before. And I have to send the email before 2023/10/31. I’m waiting for @Oyyko 's final completion of the project. For example, he did not make the video to show his work.

I think my OSPP proposal is a bit hard for students to complete. Next time, I should provide a better one.