Parenthesis auto matching of formula occupying multi lines

I am trying to type a formula so long that I want to break it into multilines:

But I can’t write the begining parenthesis and ending parenthesis in different lines, not to say autosizing.
I am typing the formula in a tabular encapsulated in a equation envirenment.
So what is the best way to break a long formula into multilines and the parenthenses in different lines are matched and autosized?

What is your reason for using a equation in a tabular? Could you instead use an eqnarray*, which does line breaking with matching brackets?

I am using the folded-grouped tag following the practice here.
By the way, the eqnarray* is not working as expected, am I using it wrong:

You can put some explicit multiplication symbols (* Tab) in the product to indicate where the formula can be broken.

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Thanks for your reply!
Sorry to ask another primary question:
the second collum in a eqnarray is used for vertical alignment, right? I ask this question because I found that only when I put the formula in the third collum will the auto-breaking occur.

And I find that auto-breaking occurs in an equation but not in a tabular inside equation. Is there anyway to chieve auto-breaking in this environment?

It seems to work if you put wide-tabular in a equation.

Yes, I believe that’s correct. Breaking works in the first and third columns.

Thanks for your kind reply!
Now I can fold inter mediate derivation with auto-breaking merits:



So how exactly did you solve it? Did you do eqnarray inside equation? or wide-tabular inside equation?

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