Problem under windows with Qt

i’ve just try texmacs who works perfectly …
after i try to install gnuplot then i’ve got a problem with QT when lauching texmacs
and texmacs don’t working with an error QT ?
i were unable to start it any idea ?

Ps : I’ve try to uninstall both of them
and re-install but the problem is still here …

What TeXmacs version?
I suggest that you should use the release by slowphil:

well i have tried it (texmacs version is 1.9.12)
it doesn’t work …same issue

I soluce the problem …
the solution is here :

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I wrote a Chinese Jinyan(经验) on how to reset TeXmacs several months ago:

The description is in Chinese but the screenshots should make sense for guys who do not know about Chinese.