Recent work and plans for the TMU format

Recent work

Just completed the first version of TMU format:

If you are interested in TMU format, I need your review on my code. There is no design for TMU 1.0.x. I just tried to serialize the TM format in UTF-8, and try my best to make it compatible.

TMU format aims to replace the TM format. Because TM format is not using UTF-8/UTF-16 or other Unicode encoding.

TMU format is encoded in UTF-8. It is designed for:

  • Git friendly
  • Human friendly
  • LLM friendly


  • v1.2.7: TMU (1.0.1) will be available as an experimental format
  • v1.2.8: TMU (1.0.2) will be available as an alternative format to save the document
  • v1.2.9: TMU (1.0.2) will be the default format for Mogan

Mogan v1.2.7 with TMU (1.0.1) has been released, but it is not recommended to use TMU in v1.2.7.