Reference order are not sorted correct

I automatically generated the bibliography according to the menu. but the reference order are not sorted correct in article.
it write as :
The first sentence [4] the second sentence [3] .
the 3th sentence[1] ,and so on[2]
I want :
The first sentence [1] the second sentence [2]. the 3th sentence[3] ,and so on[4]
how to solve this problem?

Hi changyue,
I think you can get the order you want by selecting the tm-unsrt bibliography style.
You can do that through a menu that appears when the bibliography is in focus—the style selection is simple although putting the bibliography into focus is a bit tricky.
To put the bibliography into focus you should first place the cursor left of it, then press the right arrow till the cursor does not move any more (it looks like it is “stuck” at the left side of the bibliography) and now press the down arrow. After this, the bibliography should be surrounded by a thin frame of cyan colour. After you have done it once, it will be easier the following times :slight_smile:
When you have achieved this, a few new buttons will appear in the menu bar on top (at the bottom of the top menu): you need to press on the button that says tm-plain (next to it you find the label “Style:”), you will get a drop-down menu and you select tm-unsrt (last entry).
Finally, you update with Document->Update->Bibliography.
Please let me know if it works. I have not been able to upload a screenshot with some marks to help you find the buttons in the menu, so I uploaded one without, I hope that the image is helpful anyway (you can see the cyan frame around the bibliography, the buttons for the bibliography appear in the menu only when the frame looks like in the image). I will try again later to post an image with some marks.



Yes,it works! thank you very much for your answer:grin:

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Adding the cite-sort package to the document should also do the trick.

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I was not at my computer to test what I was proposing. I now see that cite-sort only sorts within a citation :man_facepalming: