SageMath plugin now works on Windows

Follow the README of

With a simple git clone, SageMath plugin will work for you on Windows. If you do not know about Git and Windows CMD/Powershell, just wait for the next release of GNU TeXmacs.

Assuming you are using GNU TeXmacs 2.1 on Windows and you have installed SageMath 9.2.

I think I updated the plugin ok, but TexMacs is still not giving me a Sage plugin option. I am confused what I should put into the PATH variable in Windows 10 given that the command line version of SageMath is invoked by “C:\Programs\SageMath 9.2\runtime\bin\mintty.exe” -t ‘SageMath 9.2 Console’ -i sagemath.ico /bin/bash --login -c ‘/opt/sagemath-9.2/sage’