Sessions in Ubuntu 21.04


I’ve recently updated my computer to Ubuntu 21.04. TeXmacs from the previous version (20.10) still works but no session could be started—sessions crash with “segmentation fault”. TeXmacs survives, though. Any hint on how to make it work? The same happens with TeXmacs from the official tar.gz.

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Hi Michal, welcome to the forum. Does that happen with any session? Can you try the Scheme session? Does TeXmacs print on the terminal which process it is executing when you start the session?


Surprisingly, Scheme session starts ok. However, all other sessions fail (tested with Graphviz, DraTex, Feynmf, Gnuplot, Graph, Maxima, Python, R, Shell, SymPy, TikZ, and XYpic). They fail in two ways: some sessions seem to modify the document (when I try to close TeXmacs after the failed attempt to open a session, TeXmacs wants to save the document), while others don’t (TeXmacs closes without need to save).

I found no way to export the error message from the console to text. The print screen (divided into two parts, overlapping, sorry) is here:

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Which version of Qt5 is shipped with Ubuntu 21?

If I understand it correctly, the version is 5.15.2-2.

I’ve tested with the tar.gz for in a clean virtual Ubuntu 21.04 and I can’t reproduce this. It may be worthwhile to try what happens with a clean TeXmacs configuration directory (i.e. move ~/.TeXmacs to a backup location and restart TeXmacs).

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I’ve removed ~/.TeXmacs. TeXmacs crashes when the session is inserted first after the removal. In the next run, it reports the segmentation fault, i.e. the session is not started, but TeXmacs doesn’t crash.

As my Ubuntu is not fresh install (I’m updating to each new version), I removed completely the deb version of TeXmacs and all packages that were needed no more (sudo apt autoremove), and installed .tar.gz version from the official website. This is working all right. It seems there is a bug in the deb version (which is for Ubuntu 20.10, i.e., there might be a clash in libraries). Sorry for the false warning. Many thanks for your kind help.


Good. It might be useful to signal to the debian maintainer the problem.

I have the same experience, for now I think you should just use the static binary since it seems to work for me.

In general, one should not run a deb package built for another distro / version of distro, even if the program “works”.