Status of the Qt6 port

I wanted to collect some comments on the status of the Qt6 port. Such comments shouldn’t go on Savannah, but there’s also no specific bug tracker for “unstable” branches at the moment, so here goes.

I will experiment further with issues I find, but I want to collect them somewhere, so anyone can add comments and suggestions.

On Linux (GNOME on Wayland, Fedora 33) I currently get grainy text and icons on a HiDPI screen (see below).

I have noticed that setting QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.5 results in crisp text, but then the icons are tiny, even with high resolution settings.

One other less important issue is that occasionally tool tips tend to appear in the top left corner of the screen instead of next to the cursor.

@jeroen are things ok if you link this new port with Qt5 instead of Qt6?

No, the text resolution is the same as with Qt6.

Maybe silly question but, are you sure you have the good settings in “Retina settings…” ?

On Linux there’s only “Double the zoom factor for TeXmacs documents” and “Use high resolution icons”. Retina settings are Mac specific.

I do not understand the problem. I haven’t touched the rendering code (I believe) so if HiDPI works for the standard TeXmacs it should work also with the port. I do not know how to debug on a Mac the problems with HiDPI mode on Linux. I would need some help.

I don’t know whether this helps.