Summer of Code Stage 3: Student Registration, Mentor Communication, and Project Application

For Students

At least one pull requests to show the basic knowledge of Git.

For Projects

For Mentors

A New Branch for Mogan Editor 1.2.x

@darcy is preparing the branch-1.2:

branch-1.2 is a git branch for Mogan Editor 1.2.x. @darcy will set the rule for:

  • Commit Message
  • Project Management and Documentation
  • CI via Github/Gitee/Codeberg

branch-1.2 is the branch for students to create pull requests.



We received three pull requests from three students:

The three pull requests are very easy tasks, I just want to make sure that the students know:

  • How to create pull requests via Gitee/Github/Codeberg
  • How to use git cherry-pick

Well done to all of them!

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2023/05/22 ~ 2023/05/26

We received two pull requests from two students:

They learned about:

  • yet undocumented in-repo project management
  • How to write unit tests in C++ and run the related test only

2023/05/28 ~ 2023/06/03

We received three pull requests from four students: