Summer of Code Stage 4: Project Application Review

  • 06/05-06/11 Mentor Review @mgubi @darcy
  • 06/12-06/18 Community Review and Submit Community Cooperation Agreement
  • 06/19-06/25 Committee Review and Sign Community Cooperation Agreement

@darcy as the mentor of Mogan Draw on WASM has reviewed the applications and assign the order. There are 4 students, 1 means the best.

Hi, @mgubi , please review the applications and assign the orders of the students before 2023/06/10.

Here is the Review Guide:导师审核指南%20Mentor%20Review%20Guide.pdf

Browse the PDF and scroll down, you will find the English one.

@mgubi Please check your email box (maybe in your spam box):

Dear Mentors,

This is a friendly reminder that the mentor review phase for the OSPP 2023 will end on Sunday, June 11th . We kindly ask all mentors to log in to the system and complete the mentor review and guidance tasks as required.

During the review process, mentors need to review and sort the received project applications. The smaller the sorting number, the higher the priority. If you do not sort, it means that you are giving up the student’s application. Even if there is only one student applying for your project, you still need to sort. If there are no satisfactory students, mentors can choose not to sort and give up all student applications for that project. The results of the mentor and student sorting will be reviewed by the community. Please note that the quality of the project application is the main criterion for evaluating whether the student’s application is approved .

For specific system operation steps, mentor responsibilities, and review requirements, please refer to the attached Mentor Review Guide below. If you encounter any login issues, please send an email to

Mentor Review Guide:

Official website Mentor Guide:

Best regards,

OSPP Committee

@darcy I have problems to access the website. I hope to resolve this soon.

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Search OSPP in your mail box (maybe in the spam box), you can find your account name and password in the email.

Here is the Mentor Review Guide in my mail box. And I’ve copy and paste the important info here.

I have my passwords and I know the website, thanks. But the website does not load currently in my browser (tried different browsers). Connection drops after waiting a long time. It seems a problem with the website. Do you manage to access the mentor pages right now?

Do you manage to access the mentor pages right now?

You need to try twice. The first time will fail. And I’m using Microsoft Edge.

Press the blue button (in the right):

Press the blue button again:

Just set the order of the students. For the PDF project, there are two students.

I cannot access the mentor pages. The website does not load, I’ve tried multiple times. I will try later today from my house. I’m at the university now.

Click For Mentor:

Fill in the user name and password (you may failed to loggin, just try again. For me, it is because I’m using the same PC to login For Organization)

If you use English when logging, the UI will be English.

Dear @darcy, thanks. but I logged in and that is the pages that fails to load:

I’ve tried at least a dozen of times. I will try again later.

I’ve finally managed to connect and completed my review of the two candidates.


I’ve completed the Community Review on behalf of the Xmacs Labs.

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