TeXmacs for c202s?

Hello! I’m currently trying to download TeXmacs, following the recommendation of my math teacher. However, I’m not exactly the most tech-savy person out there, would any of you be able to help? The only computer I have for this is a Chromebook Asus c202s. Will I be able to Download it? If so, is the downloading procedure any different? Thanks.

Yeah, it’s a bit more complicated. Chromebooks run out-of-the-box a limited Linux-based system. First, you’ve to “Turn on” the Linux development environment from Settings > Advanced > Developers (official instructions). Then in terminal run

cat /etc/os-release
lscpu | grep Architecture

Check the VERSION_ID from first, whether it’s 32 (i686) or 64 (x86_64) bits from the second, and download the respective version from the downloads page. Based on chromeOS’s instructions you should be able to double-click the file to install.

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