Ubuntu 22.04 texmacs 2.1.2 Segmentation Fault after inster / session

Dear All
I installed TeXmacs 2.1.2 on a Ubuntu 22.04 using the static .deb available here(*):

Trying to insert a new session (python, R etc) I obtain a “segmentation fault” error, showed in a separated window. If I try again to start a session TeXmacs close immediately. The only session that start normaly is the scheme one.

– I tried to compile by myself using the guile 3 version
– I tried to remove the .TeXmacs configuration directory.
Both lied to the same result.

Before upgrading to ubuntu 22.04, I was using the ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the TeXmacs available in the repo without any particular trouble.

Any idea ?

(*) BTW the file is not indicated on the official website. And there is an entry for ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) repo in the apt http://ftp.texmacs.org/TeXmacs/tmftp/repos/apt/conf/distributions but no there is no corresponding file in http://ftp.texmacs.org/TeXmacs/tmftp/repos/apt/dists/

You may try compile mogan on Ubuntu.

Here is the detailed guide: https://github.com/XmacsLabs/mogan/blob/main/docs/guide/Develop_on_Linux.md

After my wedding next month, I will provide deb installer for users.


Welcome to the forum Eric,
What you report is due to texmacs bug #60931 which affects all the latest Linux builds on texmacs.org. Until the official releases on texmacs.org get fixed, you may use either this AppImage, or install a package for your distribution from OpenSuse Open Build Service. I’m making these builds; they contain the latest improvements/fixes in the trunk and they receive a few additional patches providing fixes (including one for bug #60931) and enhancements not yet in the trunk.

the opensuze *.deb worked nicely, I keep preciously the link ! Thank you for the job, is there a reason why it’s not the default way to install texmacs with guile 1.X ?

@darcy have a nice wedding ! I will try this MOGAN version of texmacs some of these days.

I agree that choosing such Open Build Service repos as the official distribution channel would simplify things for TeXmacs Linux users. Given that many of the official TeXmacs Linux packages are actually built there and then transferred to texmacs.org, that would only require minor changes. Anyway, the Guile 1.8 dependency should soon be a thing of the past, as TeXmacs can already be built to run with S7 Scheme or Guile 3. Mogan uses S7 already.

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Happy wedding @darcy!


Mogan Editor v1.1.2 is available now!

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