Voice input on TeXmacs 2.1.4

Since version 2.1.3, I’ve been testing the voice input feature, but I’ve consistently encountered issues with saving the input results correctly. Initially, I suspected there might be problems with the version I compiled myself. Unfortunately, even after the official release of version 2.1.4, the issue persists.

More concretely, I’m unable to save formulas that are automatically converted into math mode after being entered via voice input. For example, if I say “f x,” TeXmacs correctly recognizes it as “f(x).” However, when I attempt to save the document (either through the menu items or shortcut keys), exit voice input using the ESC key, or switch to another program and then return to TeXmacs, “f(x)” loses its math environment and reverts to plain text “FX.”

I’m using TeXmacs 2.1.4, with Tools → Speech → English option enabled. On macOS 14.4, voice input is activated using the default shortcut (double-clicking the Ctrl button), with the System settings → Keyboard → Dictation option enabled. Since I couldn’t find documentation, I’d like to confirm if this is a bug. If not, I’d appreciate guidance on what I might be doing wrong.