Where is TeXmacs 2.1.3?

TeXmacs has bumped its version to 2.1.4, but there is no prebuild binary, and no announcement is founded.

I would also like to know. And when will 2.1.4 officially be released?

Hello, I was the happy user of texmacs from 2019 to 2022 (for my courses. I’m teacher, in France). Since 2022 impossible to install it on Debian 12 (i can longer modify my courses). I’ve been trying again for a few days. Yesterday tried the versions of pjoyez: software.opensuse.org for debian texmacs_2.1.4.svn14315+extra-1_amd64.deb. Failed : depend guile-1.8. (guile-2.2 or 3.0 on debian 12). I saw that there had been a port from branch guile3_branch_2.1 to version 2.1.2, which someone suggested to bring back.
There is also mogan with package for ubuntu. Is it possible to use it for debian?
I am not very competent, so waiting (package for debian will probably not come for a long time) how todo with command lines.
With hope that texmacs comes back.

That Debian 12 build is what I use and I certify it works. For sure you need guile 1.8; it is installed automatically provided you choose to add the repo to your installation. That way, you will also get updates as they appear. Otherwise, you need to find where the guile package is built and install it manually from there (I know the OBS interface is not intuitive and hard to navigate, but that is beyond my control).

If you do not want to add the repo, and find it too difficult to get guile 1.8 installed, you can use the Appimage that contains averything needed to run TeXmacs (just make the downloaded Appimage file executable).

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I want to highlight that slowphil has compiled a Windows version of TeXmacs 2.1.4 with extra plugins and dictionaries, which could be really helpful for Windows users.

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But yes it works! I just had to, I was pushed a little, understand a little echo tee and curl. Especially human contact. Version 1.2.4 installed. I can re-open my 2020 documents. Thank you very much, Happy New Year!

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2.1.3 to 2.1.4 happens between revision 14312 and 14313. Lack of announcements may because some guy is retired (I guess, lol).