Who might want to use TeXmacs as a programming editor?

Some people might want their source code to look beautiful while they write it.

Who might those people be?

P.S. A proportional font with perfect alignment would be cool, as discussed in another post.

This seems out of the scope of TeXmacs, although maybe TeXmacs could be used to do the literate programming in the future.

Some programming would be required, but why not?

Various IDEs are fabricated for this. TeXmacs is not a panacea, and more importantly, the developers don’t have 48 hours per day.

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But they don’t use advanced typesetting to make source code look beautiful.

That’s where the novelty would be — not in IDE features.

I’m working on it.

This is what Mogan is for:

Before make it a programming editor, I plan to make it a editor for lightweight markup languages.

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Why not turn TeXmacs into a library that can be used by many apps such as Mogan?

This would also provide an opportunity to come up with a less confusing name for what is now TeXmacs, while retaining the TeXmacs name for the library only.

Why not turn TeXmacs into a library that can be used by many apps such as Mogan?

Are you interested working on it?

I’ve done some basic work on https://github.com/texmacs/kernel

If you are insterested, you can pick it up and go ahead!

The only reason why we have not turned it into a library is that

there are few TeXmacs developers

I’m really happy to see that you are sharing a lot on your ideas on GNU TeXmacs.

Why not join us to turn ideas into implementations!

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I need to focus on my indie game development, so I can’t contribute to implementation.

BTW, I think Mogan could potentially attract many developers to the TeXmacs family of apps since it would be aimed at users more likely to be open source programmers. Most mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists don’t do much programming.