Cannot open file menu when export pdf or insert a .bib file

I am using Texmacs on the Arch Linux System. Whenever I use some command that needs to open a file menu, the above things happened. Thus, I cannot export my file into pdf nor insert a .bib file in it.

Hi @Jack_Li and welcome to the forum. What version of TeXmacs is this? I believe there were some updates to the file chooser on Linux recently. There’s another post on this in the forum, but can’t find it right now.

Version 2.1 and the blank window always stay in front

As indicated in the linked post, this should be solved in 2.1.2, but the builds on the homepage are outdated. Please try the linked repository on OBS.

What is the difference between AppImage & AppImage2? Is there any Debian repo for the deb builds?

I don’t know what the difference is. @pjoyez?

There seems to be a repo

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Thanks. Are there any debug symbol packages available for Debian?

The two AppImage packages are build in different OpenSuze versions, one with Qt 5.6 and the other one with Qt 5.9, IIRC. AppImage2 was for me to practice setting up another build configuration, but I believe using one or the other makes essentially no difference when it comes to TeXmacs’ behavior.

Are there any debug symbol packages available for Debian?

Yes. Take a look into the look into the detailed build results for the debian version you want on, e.g., or in the corresponding repository itself

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