Compiling native Mac M1 version

Hi, since I got this new Apple laptop with M1 chip at work, I’m curious about a native TeXmacs version.

TeXmacs is the only emulated Rossetta2 app on my system. Emulation works fine, but I wanted to try to compile an arm version. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to do it by myself.

I have to use the guile3 version, but I does not compile with qt5 and does not even configure (nor cmake) with qt6.

Has anyone had more luck?


@pjoyez Did you have any progress on this (i.e. compiling under arm)?

I do not understand. My Finder Info panel says that TeXmacs is “Apple silicon” app. And this is the one I downloaded from the website.

% file /Applications/ 
/Applications/ Mach-O 64-bit executable arm64

My question is over a year old. There is official Apple Silicon support for TexMacs now.

Also, the problem wasn’t with ARM, as I have run TeXmacs on RaspberryPi without problems for years, but specifically with Apple Silicon.

Do you mean that it is not difficult to compile an arm version under Linux, say?

I compiled on Mac Silicon ARM and I didn’t had any problem. I usually compile also Guile 1.8 with it. I had to stick to 1.8.7 since 1.8.8 would not compile.

Thanks for the information. Is there any easy tutorial for cross-compilation? One of the motivation is to run TeXmacs on Android tablets, where one can install AnLinux. It is possible to perform an x86 emulation, but the performance should be awful.

These are step by step notes to compile TeXmacs on Debian-based ARM systems that I wrote in 2020

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Thanks. Is it better to use xmake now, cf. Just switched from CMake to xmake for Mogan Editor ?