Project: Add multi-tab display and switching functions

For Students

  • Expected Code Percentage
    • Scheme Code >= 60%
    • C++ Code <= 40%
  • Selection Criteria
    1. One pull request to add C++ unit tests to the Mogan repo
    2. One pull request to add Scheme unit tests to the Mogan repo
    3. Make sure your can compile mogan
    4. Change one of the icons in this area so that we know you have a basic idea of how UI works.

Project Info

  • Name: Add multi-tab display and switching functions
  • Mentor: @Oyyko
  • Difficulty: Basic

Project Description

The multi-tab function is a feature possessed by many modern software. For example chrome and vscode. Our goal is to add multi-tab functionality to GNU TeXmacs/Mogan.

Like this:

There have been some attempts, but they have not solved all the problems. You can find some previous attempts by people to achieve this problem in mogan’s github repository. Your implementation should ensure that it can run in three environments: windows, macos, and linux. (You don’t have to own these three machines, other members of the community can help you test the operation in other environments)

Project Output Requirements

  • Implement multi-tab display and switching functions

  • Implement multi-line display for situations where there are many tab pages. Like this:

  • Implement using control/command+W to close the current tab instead of closing the entire program.

  • Add testing.

Project Technical Requirements

  • Scheme, Xmake, C++
  • Understand UI in Mogan

Project Repository


For users of macOS 13 or above, it’s important to note that the multi-tab functionalities in TeXmacs 2.1.1 or newer are already available. However, this feature is only accessible when specific options are enabled:

  • Ensure that the option Always is selected under Desktop & Dock → Prefer tabs when opening documents in the macOS System Settings.
  • Additionally, within TeXmacs, navigate to Edit → Preferences → General → Buffer Management and ensure that Documents in separate windows is selected.
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Do you think adding multiple tabs makes Mogan/TeXmacs ugly?

As I commented in the proposal:

For chrome-like tabs in Qt, we need to make a border-less window in Qt, see

If you add this to the project output requirements, this project should be marked as hard. And it would make Mogan/TeXmacs much more beautiful.

And hiding the menu like Firefox on Linux might be a good idea to reduce the height of the toolbar and menubar areas. It is related to this project and off-topic:
The ugly menubar exists on macOS for a long time, and we haven’t fixed the crash issue when setting it to native menubar on macOS. Just hiding it might be the solution.

I think it’s a good idea to use QGoodWindow. I can add this to the project output requirements.

Hello, I am Perminder Singh, a contributor to OpenChemistry as part of GSoC '24. I have also contributed in other organizations in past, Processing foundation, scorelab are some of them. I am well-versed in the tech stack used for this project. Could someone help me understand the selection criteria? Specifically, I’d like to know where the issues for unit tests are posted and what tests we need to write to meet the selection criteria.

At least two pull requests for unit tests in C++ and Scheme, here are two pull requests created by one of the candidates this year:

And we need to make sure that the candidates know about:

  • How to create pull request based on branch-1.2 with difference topic branches
  • How to build Mogan and launch Mogan
  • How to write and build C++ unit tests and execute C++ unit tests
  • How to write and execute scheme unit tests

for now, there are only two qualified (meet the baseline of two pull requests) candidates now.