Proposal: Pandoc support


  • Implement a TeXmacs-> Pandoc exporter in TeXmacs (i.e. saves documents in Pandoc format).
  • Implement a Pandoc extension to support the TeXmacs document format


Pandoc ( allows to convert documents from/to various formats (see their page for the complete list). Supporting Pandoc would allow TeXmacs documents to be translated in formats which currently we do not support directly (like MS Word, ePub, etc…)


Pandoc achieves the conversion by using an intermediate language to describe the document. Supporting a new document format should be possible by writing a converter from TeXmacs to the Pandoc format and back.

  • Within TeXmacs coverters are usually implemented in Scheme. A programmer can give a look at the HTML converter in $TEXMACS_PATH/progs/convert/html and use it as an help to write an exporter for TeXmacs towards the Pandoc format.

  • One can extend pandoc to write (and optionally read) TeXmacs documents. I think the writer is easier than a reader.

Useful reference: see here the discussion in the Pandoc issue tracker for the Typst reader:

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