Summer of Code Stage 2 (2023/04/04~2023/04/28)

Stage 2: Project Release and Review

Number of Projects

We have completed stage 1, and the number of projects supported by OSPP is 2.

According to

During the Project Release phase, the community can submit in the system based on their needs (the number of projects is not limited). Approved projects will be gradually published on the official website.

Project Release Deadline

Deadline: 04/26 18:00 UTC+8


Here are the proposals made by the two mentors (@darcy and @mgubi):

Let us discuss on each proposal and submit the proposal one by one.

Project Info

  1. Project Description: What/Why/How
  2. Project Output Requirements
  3. Project Technical Requirements
  4. Project Repository

For Students

You can discuss on the proposal listed above now.

For Mentors

We need more mentors, because:

  • There are 2 OSPP-supported projects (bonus is given by OSPP)
  • The rest projects are community-supported (bonus is given by the community)
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I didn’t found mentions to Mogan or TeXmacs community in the OSPP website, in particular it is not listed here: . Is this normal?

Unfortunately the name is written in Chinese 墨客实验室, which might be hard for you to locate it. Our community is listed on the second-to-last row at the bottom.

I thought most students are from China, it is a mistake to provide only Chinese info of the community.

According to , students are from all over the world.

And the logo of XmacsLabs is generated via ChatGPT. I submitted the community info in Chinese in a hurry.

Let me provide a step-to-step guide for students to choose 墨客实验室 in the web ui for projects when it is ready. Projects will be submitted in English.

Custom cursor shapes that can be defined in scheme would be nice.

@mgubi We’d better submit the projects as soon as possible. Submitted projects might be rejected by the OSPP committee. And they are very busy on it because there are too many organizations and projects.

Well, a mentor can not submit the projects. Project can only be submitted by the organization owner.

Let me submit the projects one by one.

It is not clear to me which project have some people interested. How can you tell?

I can tell from the forum:

@pokyuk @tangdouer are two of the students who have got connected with me on Wechat. @pokyuk told me he is interested in Mogan Draw. And I suggest @tangdouer should work on the PDF one. Because it seems that the PDF one is not that hard. @tangdouer is the first student who have created the pull request:

As far as I know, the P2P proposal is too hard.

We can submit all projects to OSPP, and only two of them can be accepted as OSPP-supported projects.

Here are the submitted projects from other organization.

One sample:

And I made a template according to the form I need to submit:

Let us pick 4 proposals as official projects (follow the template above) to submit to OSPP.

How about submitting it before 2023/04/23? @mgubi
I guess they will only review projects in work day.

Here are two projects I want to submit:

Ok. I will then sponsor the PDF and the OpenType projects, they seemed to have interested people.


Here’s my two projects:

@darcy : I’ve wrote my two projects. To me they are ok and if you want you can submit them.

I’ve summited two projects:

Because we only have two registered mentors, we can only submit two projects.

I invited Joris to become a mentor for:

via the GNU TeXmacs developers’ mail list.

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If somebody else want to supervise the PDF project I can supervise the wrap-text project. I’m not as proficient as Joris but I think I can supervise it.

@jeroen, @pjoyez, @mdbenito ? are you willing to help with the PDF project?

@vdhoeven ? what do you think?