TeXmacs 2.1 on Debian 12 - Bookworm


which is the best way to compile and use TeXMacs 2.1 on debian 12 Bookworm? I’m in general lazy but my over than 15y long experience says that a compiled version runs much better than the static binaries.

Is it still recommended to use guile1.8 or is the Guile 3 enough stable and fast to be ready for daily use? And if 1. is still needed, which is the best way to get a source that can be compiled nowadays?

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P.S: I really hope to see TeXmacs back into Debian Sid at least.

I understand you want TeXmacs in Debian 12, but would prefer to not run the static build. In that case, no need to build yourself; you may just grab an AppImage or debs for Bookworm (and they’ll provide guile 1.8).

Compiling yourself is only required if you plan to make changes to the c++ code. In that case, pull the branch you want (S7, or Guile3) from Github, find posts giving build instructions, and follow them.

For getting TeXmacs back in Debian, a decision needs to be taken regarding the scheme engine to use in replacement of guile 1.8. Then a packager would have to volunteer.

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Thanks a lot