TeXmacs new teaser video

Dear all, we have a new video

which presents the major features of TeXmacs. Feel free to share among your colleagues and help up diffuse awareness of the program.



Looks great!

One comment though: it’s not clear from the video that editing in math mode and outside of math mode — as well as moving from one to the other — is seamless and works the same way. This is not the case in most WYSIWYG word processors where the math mode object is quite different in behavior than non-math mode and merely creating/entering/leaving a math mode object can be inconvenient and/or slow.

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Very informative and stylish video!

I noticed that on Windows when you try to insert a picture using drag and drop (like on 1:02 in this video) TeXmacs just copies the full path to the picture instead of the actual picture. Is it a bug or just a shortcoming of the Windows version?

Yes, I think that would be a bug. On Linux (GNOME at least) it also works like in the video.

It is definitely a bug. On the various OS the capabilities of TeXmacs should be equivalent. However we need more testing on Windows. Bug reports are welcome!

OK, I submitted: https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/index.php?60770


Thanks. I will try to give a look at these problems in the weekend.

Excellent video, thanks for sharing.

I find this kind of material excellent to diffuse awareness of TeXmacs in the scientific community.
Both sexy and informative info in this video: you just want to use TeXmacs after that.

Good job, congrats !

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Who edited the video? It’s great!! Oh just saw the end of the video, kudos to both authors!

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The video showcases a nice search widget for bibliography, but I don’t see it in a freshly compiled TeXmacs (latest SVN). Does anybody know how to activate it?

Ah, I see. It’s only active if the “Database tool” is.