Is there a nicer way to reorganize slides?

For now, copy-and-paste is the only way I know to reorganize the structure of my beamer slides under beamer mode. Once I have a complicated slide with many diagrams involved, copy-and-paste seems inefficient and very insecure. I wonder if there is a more excellent way to reorganize them. Thanks.

No, unfortunately there is not. Some basic reshuffling could be easily achieved via scheme scripting. We might want to discuss how to implement this functionality. I also felt the same need once in a while. What could be a good interface?

  1. I imagine that drag-and-drop in the panorama mode would be the ideal way to achieve this.

  2. It would also be nice to drag and drop the items in the table of contents for this goal, like some markdown editors.

Both methods would also help reorganize long documents, not only slides.

@xuyiqi1 :+1:
both approaches seem to be indeed a very good way to visually reorganize contents

For long documents you could try the outline plugin by @pjoyez

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I had another look at the source code, and there is already some functionality there: see clipboard-cut and clipboard-paste in TeXmacs/progs/dynamic/fold-edit.scm.

You can cut slides in paper and panorama modes by making a selection that spans multiple slides and cutting to the clipboard. You can then put the cursor elsewhere and paste. The slides will be inserted before the current slide.

It is far from an ideal solution, as you can only cut multiple slides, and you can only paste before the current slide, which is inconvenient if you want to move a slide to the very end. You can, of course, insert some empty slides and remove them later.

Be mindful of bug 62498 when you want to use this, though:

I imagine that this code could be fairly easily adapted to add a button on the toolbar that moves the current slide up or down.

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I’ve written a small plugin to add the ability to move slides up and down. After installing the plugin, two icons should appear in the focus bar when in paper or panorama view. It moves one slide at a time at the moment.


Fantastic. Thank you very much!

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@jeroen many thanks that’s a great plugin which will facilitate slides reorganization :+1:


Thanks @xuyiqi1 and @fbob. Glad you like it.